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Sun Air Shoot

On Saturday, September 12th 2015 The Brink Transportation, based out of Los Angeles CA participated in a video shoot with Sun Air Jets, located in Camarillo CA, The video was produced by one of our clients, Kim Scolari. The video was created as an advertisement for a industry gathering called Tour Link that will take place in Palm Springs in January 2016.. Both The Brink Transportation and Sun Air Jets will attend the event.

The video shows Sun Air Jets and The Brink Transportation servicing 2 different types of clients. One was a Rock and Roll band and the other C Level Executives./Business Men. While all participants in the video were not actual band members or Executives the cast that was involved came across as true professionals. One of the faux band members was actually played by The Brink’s owner, Jody Brink. She is the female with the sunglasses on.

The video is currently under production. Once it is released it will be posted on The Brink Face Book page as well as our website.

The vehicle shown is one of our 2015 Cadillac Escalades which is the most requested vehicle in all of the markets we service globally.

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